Solvent refined coal and coal-oil mixtures

by Timbalia, Avanti

Abstract (Summary)
The present work reports the results of the study made on the stability and rheological properties of coal-oil mixtures, solvent refined coal-oil mixtures and low ash coal-oil mixtures. 50/50 by weight mixtures of Ohio No. 8 Coal/No. 6 Fuel Oil, Solid Solvent Refined Coal/No. 6 Fuel Oil and Low-ash Coal/No. 6 Fuel Oil, were prepared for evaluation of the stability in which the particle size of the coal and the temperature were varied. The stability was assessed by the physical pendulum method by measuring a C.G. drop for the mixture. Stability of SRC/oil mixtures were found to be higher than the other types of coal-oil mixtures. Viscosity of the coal-oil mixtures were measured by a rotational type viscometer. Coal-oil mixtures were found to be thixotropic in nature particularly above 30 percent coal content. The viscosity of SRC/Oil mixture was found to be higher than the other types of coal-oil mixtures. Direct coal-liquefaction experiments included the dissolution of Ohio No. 4A and Ohio No. 8 Coal in a solvent such as phenanthrene as well as in a mixture of organic solvents. It was found that phenanthrene was not a suitable solvent for the atmospheric dissolution of Ohio coals. Experiments carried out using the mixture of organic solvents in an autoclave resulted in a sizeable amount and a good quality Low-ash coal.
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School:Ohio University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:coal oil mixtures physical pendulum rotational type viscometer


Date of Publication:01/01/1981

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