Solid waste management implementation, an opportunity not to be wasted : Solid waste management in Babati, Tanzania

by Jaensson, Stina

Abstract (Summary)

The amount of waste is increasing in the world due to changed consumption patterns and increasing populations. This is a problem especially in poor countries where the ability to handle the waste is limited due to financial and management problems. The non-profit organization WASTE has developed an Integrated Sustainable Waste Management- concept (ISWM), trying to help cities with waste management. The concept focuses on cooperation and participation among stakeholders, and also introduction of micro-and small enterprises and community based organizations. The aim of this thesis is to give recommendations to Babati, a small town in the north of Tanzania, how to develop their waste management based on the concept of ISWM. A case study has been carried out in the town, founding out that the streets of the town is free from litter today but is  facing big challenges in the future. The town has a growing population and is just about to change waste management system. The new system is not developed in cooperation with the stakeholders in the town, but rather an initiative from the authorities, which will make the system very fragile. However, it is not too late to take action for securing a successful implementation of the system. The authorities of Babati now have an opportunity to adjust the solid waste system before population and the mountain of waste gets out of control. The suggestions given to Babati are to have parallel systems of waste collecting; it will try to meet people’s different needs. Encourage people to make waste handling into a business is also essential, that will reduce the amount of waste and generate incomes at the same time. Finally and most important is to involve all stakeholders and listen to their needs.  If the stakeholders are parts of the process and involved in decision making, it is much more likely that the system becomes sustainable and a success.

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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:iswm cbo mse stakeholders cooperation participation


Date of Publication:01/01/2008

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