Solid state capacitor discharge pulsed power supply for railguns [electronic resource] /

by Black, Jesse H.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis presents a solid state thyristor switched power supply capable of providing 50 kJ from a high voltage capacitor to a railgun. The efficiency with which energy is transferred from a power supply to a projectile depends strongly on power supply characteristics. This design will provide a better impedance match to the railgun than power supplies utilizing spark gap switches. This supply will cost less and take up less volume than a similar supply using spark gap switches; it will also produce a smaller electromagnetic pulse. Voltage limitations on the thyristors require two in series acting as a single switch. Railgun, snubber circuit and gate control systems were modeled for a 50 kJ railgun supply. These simulations yielded component values necessary to protect and control the thyristors for voltages up to 10 kV, currents up to 180 kA, and changes in current with respect to time up to 109 A/s.
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School:The United States Naval Postgraduate School

School Location:USA - California

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