Sociedad y medio ambiente. Ciudadanos y científicos ante la reforma medioambiental de la sociedad

by Oltra Algado, Cristian

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY "Society and the environment. Citizens and scientists in the environmental reform of society". TEXT: The aim of this research is to analyse the role of citizens and scientists in the environmental reform of society, from the study of both actors attitudes towards environmental problems. The guiding idea of the research is that the cultural factors play a significant role in the societal capacity to deal with ecological problems and to improve environmental conditions. The cultural capacity for ecological modernization in the Spanish society is analysed through the study of the publics and experts values and attitudes towards environmental problems. The role of citizens and experts on environmental reform is discussed in the context of the theory of ecological modernization. This approach has focused on the economic and political aspects of environmental reform. The present research tries to understand the socio-cultural dimensions of this process. Ecological modernization is understood as a new phase in the modernization process. The research tries to explore how socio-cultural aspects, such as values, beliefs and attitudes towards environmental issues may affect the success of environmental politics related to ecological modernization trends. Based on the analysis of different surveys on environmental attitudes in Spain, different issues such as the level of environmental concern, social trust on environmental issues, trust on the individual action to solve ecological problems and public support of science are studied. Semistructured interviews were applied to analyse experts views on environmental problems, their attitudes toward the role of scientists and science on environmental politics, the perception of public participation and collaborative processes on the management of ecological risks and experts beliefs about the future of environmental reform. Results are discussed in the light of ecological modernization theory and the environmental reform. KEYWORDS: Environmental sociology, attitudes towards the environment, environmental values, ecological modernization theory, cultural capacity, environmental reform, public, citizens, experts, environmental scientists.
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Advisor:Rodríguez Díaz, Josep A.

School:Universitat de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:sociologia i anàlisi de les organitzacions


Date of Publication:09/14/2006

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