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"While the 1990's produced a strong urge for eclecticism and sensuality, people are attaching a greater importance to longer lasting and deeper concerns. There is search for meaning and spiritual content and, as a result, the addiction to fashion change is likely to give way to a more thoughtful use of clothing." (Jarnow 1997: 96) The inspiration for this thesis project began with my community involvement working with military veterans' issues and the establishment of the Heather French Foundation for Veterans. The concept of this project has been to develop a contemporary line of women's clothing to help benefit the foundation with a percentage of its proceeds. My work gives references to the history of the military uniform from 1754 to the present. The attempt was not the directly copy form or pattern but to utilize style for inspiration of unique and innovative use of patterns and silhouettes. My collection reflects my respect and understanding of the military through, not only style, but of rank and tradition. Uniforms were provided to offer uniformity and function. Military uniforms have long inspired civilian clothing; however, I feel I have captured a more practical applied design to today's fashion industry and market. After studying this unique history of military uniforms I am confident that I have portrayed a new and fresh approach to military inspired clothing. Recurring shapes and patterns have translated from their military origins into a functional wardrobe with a purpose to help those who served our country.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:military uniform history fasion design socially conscious fashion uniforms


Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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