Skolans kvalitetsredovisningar och isomorfism : - En innehållsanalys av kvalitetsredovisningar 1997-2006

by Liljenberg, Henrik

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractIn 1997 a regulation were introduced to the swedish school system, Förordning om kvalitetsredovisning i skolor m.m SFS 1997:702 (Regulation about account of quality works whithin the school system). The preceding discussion noticed that municipalities and schools lacked in their progresive quality work. Messures had to be taken. Since the introduction of the regulation the government has decreed changes and additions to the original regulation. This has led to changes of substance and form in the quality work account to the administration during time. This changes can be explained with the theories of new-institutionalism. The purpose is to explain theese changes in the documents and describe the substance and form through analysis of content. The purpose is fullfilled by analysing two schools quality work accounts at three different occasions between 1997-2006.The question is: How has the increased set of details in government regulations changed the substance and shape of the schools feedback to the administration?The conclusion is that a increased set of details has changed the substance and form in the two schools quality work account. Elapsing time the schools has reached from a short form account aimed at the administration, to a informative and formalized account, reaching in several directions.Key words:Nyinstitutionalism, kvalitet, kvalitetsredovisningar, skola, förvaltning, återkoppling, isomorfism, särkoppling
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:04/16/2007

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