Skapande av hög medvetenhet : En studie i hur ett företag med begränsade resurser kan skapa hög medvetenhet med kostnadseffektiva marknadsförings metoder

by Edlund, Alexander; hansson, fredrik

Abstract (Summary)
Title: Creating high awareness – A study in how a company can create awareness with cost efficient marketing methods. (Skapande av hög medvetenhet – En studie i hur ett företag kan skapa medvetenhet med kostnadseffektiva marknadsförings metoder).Authors: Alexander Edlund and Fredrik HanssonAim: Our aim is to reveal the pros and cons of cost efficient marketing and decide which cost efficient method works best in creating awareness. We also want to determine if the methods can be integrated in a successful way to achieve greater awareness.Method/Material: We have made a qualitative approach by conducting three in depth interviews with the company Bluetooth SIG’s marketing director Anders Edlund. Our theoretical foundation is mainly built on theory from the databases and library supported by Uppsala University.Main results: We discovered that co-branding and PR are the two most cost efficient methods in creating awareness for the company Bluetooth SIG. We also found the possibility of integrating the methods in a way that effectively strengthens and reinforces the awareness. We recommend future research in both areas to further examine our results.Number of pages: 32 pages including abstract and referencesCourse: FEK C, Bachelors thesisUniversity: Department of Business Studies, Uppsala UniversityPeriod: 2007, Spring semesterTutor: Olivia KangKeywords: Awareness, cost efficient marketing, integrating, Bluetooth, co-branding, PR, online-marketing, word-of-mouth/buzz marketing
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:awareness cost efficient marketing integrating bluetooth co branding pr online word of mouth buzz


Date of Publication:02/15/2008

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