Situert koordinering : koordinering av distribuerte prosjekter: Statoils forretningsutvikling i Venezuela

by Weiseth, Per Einar

Abstract (Summary)
Situated coordination. Coordination of distributed projects. Statoil’s business development in Venezuela.This thesis seeks out an explanation of coordination of distributed projects. Through an examination in three stages an understanding of the phenomenon is gradually developed.In the second section a reconceptualization based on the research literature on coordination is made. First, coordinating is developed as the handling of dependency relations in achievement of a coordination outcome, or a state of coordination. Thereafter, the concepts of dependency, handling, and coordination outcome are put through a thorough analysis. The research contributions are described, explained and systematically aligned to each other. On this basis each concept is reconceptualized and a renewed understanding of coordination is achieved.In the third section a field work on Statoil’s business development in Venezuela is made. The business development is a case of coordination distributed projects. The arena of the business development is described with its cultural and petroleum economic circumstances, and the business development’s projects, actors and places. There are five major phenomenons that describe and explain the activity. The particular phenomenon is elucidated by at set of examples that illustrates its various attributes and the importance for coordination is discussed. The phenomenons make up a system where they interact. Grounded on the phenomenon system the coordination of the business development is analyzed. The coordination of the business development is explained as 4C coordination. 4C coordination is a set of four types of coordination that partly substitutes each other and partly complements each other.In the fourth section the idea of situated coordination is developed, which is that coordination of distributed projects is structured by the actor’s private situation. Situated coordination is an explanation of an intrinsic structure that structures coordination appearing as surface structures. What a situation is, how a situation becomes, and how a situation structures action are elucidated. Situated coordination explains how the relevance systems of the actors structures whom they have dependency relations with, the intensity of the dependency, how the relations are handled and in what degree the state of coordination is achieved. The main characteristics of situated coordination are clarified and exemplified as surface structures by Statoil’s business development in Venezuela and the research literature. At last, consequences for management of distributed projects are pointed out.The sections are three different trails to an explanation of coordination, at the same time as they make up to the main explanation. The conclusion draws findings from each of the three parts, and makes a conclusive account for coordination of distributed projects.
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School:Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet

School Location:Norway

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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