Sistemas Urbanos sob o Enfoque da Educação Ambiental: umaproposta utilizando o game SimCity e o programa STELLA

by Cássia Gnutzmann, Rita de

Abstract (Summary)
The following work, developed within the research lines of Environmental Education Teaching and Teachers Education (Educação Ambiental Ensino e Formação de Educadores ?EAEFE) at the post-graduation program in Environmental Education of the Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, was based on the problematization of urbanized society with the help of dynamic simulation of the city, in order to contribute for the understanding of the social and urban ecosystems in a way to help building sustaintable societies15. It consisted of elaborating an instructional material applied in an extension course, to a research group characterized by the diversity of profiles and formations, building a multidisciplinary composition with the participation of the civil society, in the patterns of the participatory urban budgeting, introduced by the Town Law. The proposition was made up of concepts of system dynamics ? developed by Jay W.Forrester (1969) ? principles derived from studies carried out by the same author on urban dynamics, framework forenvironmental education studies, and the use of a virtual learning of environment, counting on the computer modeling software STELLA16 and the simulator game SimCity17, both were developed under the guidelines of systems dynamics. The method for data collection was observation and recording the interaction and performance of the group in the activities,written accounts by the students as part of the activities in the course, and audio recording of discussions and thoughts stimulated by readings and analysis of the urban and world model. Reserched datas were supported by the method of Qualitative Textual Analysis. Thus, with this educational intent, the goal was to find a new gradient for the study of urban systems, through the ludic language of the computer games together with a quantitative modeling tool. Research has shown that the proposal was able to stimulate discussions in order to problematize several aspects of the present urban society, among them: the social, cultural and economic model, environmental and urban responsibility, etc. Moreover, some mental models of students about the issues covered were also made clear.
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Advisor:Sirio Lopez Velasco; João Carlos Torres Vianna; Arion de Castro Kurtz-dos-Santos

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:games environmental education urban systems


Date of Publication:03/22/2006

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