Single crystal growth and physical property research of (YxYb1-x)3Al5O12

by Chen, Yuan-Fan

Abstract (Summary)
Yttrium garnet is an excellent laser host crystal due to its excellent optical, thermal, mechanical properties and high chemical stability. As a rare-earth ion with the simplest energy level construction, Yb3+ belongs to the 4f13 electronic configuration. It possess some important advantages such as long fluorescence lifetime, no excited-state absorption, low quantum defect and larger intrinsic laser slope efficiency. Besides, yttrium garnet crystal doping ytterbium ion can especially dope with high concentrations and lower heat generation. In this thesis, a series of different doping concentration of Yb¡GYAG by Czochralski pulling technique are grown and perform some accurate experiments including Raman, IR, XRD and EXAFS in order to make sure the impact effect of doping on the lattice structure. The study includes following ¡]1¡^the effect of different doping Yb3+ from pure YAG to YbAG¡]2¡^the distances of Yb-O, Yb-Al, Yb-Y, Yb-Yb when Yb3+ ions replace Y3+ ions¡]3¡^the changes of absorption energy level in YAG crystal due to different concentrations of Yb3+ ion.
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Advisor:P.-K. Lim; Chi-Chow; Wan-Sun Tse; Herng-Er Horng; H.-P. Chiang; I-Min Jiang

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:xrd exafs crystal growth raman ir


Date of Publication:05/30/2003

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