Sentido de la luz, El. Ideas, mitos y evolución de las artes y los espectáculos de la luz hasta el cine

by Castillo Martínez de Olcoz, Ignacio Javier

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY: This thesis deals with notions and ideas of light throughout history, especially in the plastic arts. It begins with a study of ideas and myths about light in Antiquity, especially the symbolism of light and myths about shadows, and then proceeds to see the role of art in both the plastic and the performing arts culminating in the development of film and cinema. Ideas about light exist in all civilizations and cultures and are expressed in important symbols. Human control of both natural and artificial light are a key part of any artistic expression. This thesis studies the meaning of light in bellas artes. First, we analyze the symbolism of light in religious architecture, and then proceed to prove that painters have always been the source of inspiration of cinemas directors of photography, who tend to see themselves as painters for they "paint" light. The thesis surveys the spectacles of light and shadows throughout history, such as the theater of shadows, the camera obscura (dark chamber), the magic lantern, the panorama, the diorama and cinema. Two particular case studies of artistic use of light are the evolution of light technique in theater by Appia and Fortuny, and the interplay of light and water by the Catalan engineer Buigas. Concerning cinema, we make a historical analysis of the most relevant changes brought up by electricity, which allowed to control both sound and light. Sonoro cinema allowed major innovations for light experts, who also benefited by inventions such as the color film or the Fresnel lens. We survey the most important technological advances that have contributed to new ways to paint light. Our historical survey thus illuminates the long and cumbersome process of innovation to express and control the Sense of light.
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Advisor:Ameller Ferretjans, Carles

School:Universitat de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:disseny i imatge


Date of Publication:02/07/2006

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