Self-esteem and life satisfaction of aged individuals with and without access to computer training [electronic resource] /

by Brown, Cindy Ann

Abstract (Summary)
Research indicates that today's aging population may obtain various benefits from using computer technology. These benefits include increased self-esteem, decreased depression, increased life satisfaction, and decreased loneliness; however, few of these studies have employed quantitative measures to quantify these results. This study focused on the possible benefits related to self-esteem and life satisfaction of older computer users. Participants belonged to either a control group or an experimental group. The experimental group participated in an eight-week computer training course. The control group did not receive computer training. All participants were administered the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Life Satisfaction Index-Z at the beginning and the end of the study. The researcher hypothesized that participants who received computer training would have higher levels of self-esteem and life satisfaction when compared with the group of participants who did not receive computer training. Results of the study indicated life satisfaction for both the control and experimental group rose slightly, but was not statistically significant. Therefore it is impossible to say that the SeniorNet computer training course helped to increase aged individuals' life satisfaction. These results may indicate that any sort of meaningful activity (either participating in a computer class or involvement in social activities at a senior community center) may increase an individuals' life satisfaction. The results also indicated that self-esteem for the experimental group rose slightly after receiving computer training; however, these results were not statistically significant. It could be possible that the sense of mastery over a subject may have increased the participant's self-esteem, as stated in the study by Hoot and Hayslip (1983). Further research needs to be conducted on this population, and such research may enhance an aging population's outlook on life and themselves.
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