Securing the corporate network

by Siroin, A. J.

Abstract (Summary)
Security, security, security is all that we hear about in today's internet world. The need for security in any network is crucial. This project takes a look at what the industry is doing regarding security and what XYZ must do to maintain their corporate goals. The primary goal for XYZ is to make sure their corporate network is secure and highly available. Clients and customers must be able to access their information via a secure website or a secure connection back to the corporate network. Providing a highly available and secure network can only increase the service that is provided to clients and customers. XYZ's reputation was built on service. XYZ wants to maintain their quality of service, but still provide the best possible corporate access to their client's or customer's data. There are many tools out there to choose from and many vendors that provide the functionality needed. The goal is to make the correct decision in choosing a solution or direction. Know that what is put in today, may be obsolete tomorrow due to the ever changing world. The internet is a huge network in itself, but security is not its main attraction. Corporations utilize the internet for business. Securing XYZ's Research Adviser: Steve Schlough, Ph.D. MonthNear: December, 2005 Number of Pages: 34 Style Manual Used: American Psychological Association, sth Edition information and restricting access back to XYZ's corporate network is the goal of the researcher and XYZ.
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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