Seasonal Distribution of Siphonophores in Tapeng Bay and Kaoping Coastal Waters, Southwestern Taiwan.

by Hung, Yu-Pang

Abstract (Summary)
This study aims to investigate the spatial and temporal distribution of siphonophores in relation to water temperature, salinity, concentration of chlorophyll a and the abundance of copepods in Tapeng Bay and Kaoping coastal waters from June 1999 to July 2001. In Tapeng Bay, 20 species of siphonophores belonging to 9 genus and 3 families were identified with the mean abundance of 11¡Ó33 ind./100m3. The 5 most dominant siphonophore species in Tapeng Bay were Lensia subtiloides, Chelophyes appendiculata, Lensia subtilis, Bassia bassensis, and Lensia campanella, comprising 85% of the numerical total siphonophores. The siphonophores were mainly found at north station and scarce or even absent at St. N and St. S. Seasonal distribution of siphonophores was inconsistent, but generally had higher abundance in fall and winter. In Kaoping coastal waters, 34 species of siphonophores belonging to 16 genus and 5 families were identified, with the mean abundance of 648¡Ó636 ind./100m3. Seasonal change in numerical abundance of siphonophores was obvious, with higher in spring and autumn. The 5 most dominant species were C. appendiculata, L. subtiloides, Chelophyes contorta, Sulculeolaria chuni and B. bassensis, and comprised 77% of the total counted of siphonophores. The species number, species diversity, and the mean abundance of siphonophores in Kaoping coastal waters were higher than that in Tapeng Bay. The siphonophores found in the present study mostly belong to the widespread oceanic species and widespread coastal species. The distributions of siphonophore were not significantly (p>0.05) correlated to temperature, salinity, concentration of chlorophyll a and the abundance of copepods, except Abylopsis tetragona and Diphyes dispar, that exhibited significant negative correlation with temperature (p<0.01) and chlorophyll a (p<0.01), respectively.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Jiang-Shiou Huang; Wen-Tseng Lo; Shinn-Pyng Yeh

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:siphonophores tapeng bay kaoping


Date of Publication:09/04/2002

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