OF THE SENDER TO THE RECEIVER: the multiple ways of the message advertising executive in the national campaign of vaccination of the aged one against the grippe


Abstract (Summary)
This research has as main objective to evaluate the reception and the adequacy of theadvertising of the ?Campanha Nacional de Vacinação do Idoso Contra a Gripe? of the districtof São Luís do Maranhão in the year of 2006, considering its goals and its proposal ofcommunication. Therefore, an ex-post evaluation of the implementation of the program ofvaccination, classified as process of evaluation, was carried through aiming to relating theadequacy of the advertising campaign to the objectives and goals of this program, using anexploratory and qualitative approach. Documentary research, direct observation and focalgroup were used as techniques for data collection. Six participants of third age focal groupswere carried through after the propagation of the 2006 campaign, in order to apprehend thegenerated effect of the communicative process in its target public. The accomplishment ofeach focal group was segmented in two stages. The first one was guided by a halfstructuralizedscript in order to motivate the quarrel of the participants on the campaignwithout showing its parts. The second stage was based on the exposition of the advertisingparts of the campaign in order to stimulate the memory of the participants and to makepossible the apprehension of the reception of the message without the interference of anyimperfection in the distribution of the communication. The data collected through directobservation and the focal group participants` comments made possible the constitution of aresearch corpus on which an Analysis of Content was carried through by techniques ofThematic Analysis, with the purpose to compose an index which makes possible to extract, toclassify and to regroup the speech of the subjects, in order to allow the identification of theelements that constituted the reception of the advertising campaign from the point of view ofthe integrants of its target public. Through the Thematic Analysis and the evaluation of theimplementation process, it was possible to conclude that imperfections occurred in the processof distribution of parts of the advertising campaign, but they did not harm the positive resultsand reached number of vaccine covering in the year of 2006.
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Advisor:Antonio Augusto Moura da Silva

School:Universidade Federal do Maranhão

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Process evaluation Public politics Advertising Vaccination Aged Focal groups


Date of Publication:03/22/2007

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