Runda Barn : Mat och motion samt familjens och sjuksköterskans betydelse - En litteraturstudie

by Klingered, Tom; Wermelin, Anna

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractOverweight among children have decreased and are now a health problem in the society and over the world. The leading cause to overweight is an unbalance between energy intake and energy consumption. The nurse must involve the whole family in the care of overweight child or adolescent to achieve good weight results. The aim of this study was to describe the importance of diet and physique activity and the staff of health’s role to influence families’ with overweight children in the age of 6-12 year to a change of lifestyle. The method that was used is a systematic descriptive literature review based on 19 scientific articles. The searches were performed at the two databases, Pubmed and Cinahl. There where 19 articles that supported our aim and question of issue that were included in the study. The result showed that diet and physique activity has a meaning to prevent obesity and overweight among children. The parents must introduce good diet and exercise-habits in the early age. The study also shows the importance to involve the whole family to prevent obesity and more then just one intervention is needed to target the overweight child. The study also showed that staff of health must improve their skills to diagnose obesity and overweight and active work to overcome the obstacle to achieve good results of treatment.
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School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/16/2008

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