The Richard riot, a socio-historical examination of sport, culture, and the construction of symbolic identities

by Di Felice, David

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis explores the 'Richard Riot' of 1955 This incident has become a pan of Canadian hockey history. but its place within the socio-historical framework has yet to be adequatelv explored. lntegral to the overall event were the class, 'race', and national dimensions that gave the riot its symbolic significance The 'Richard Riot' was thu.; an expression of the tensions that pemaded French-Canadian society for generations The socially-svmbolic identities that were bound up in the French-Canadian appreciation of Maurice 'The Rocket' Richard and the Montreal Canadiens Club de Hockey and the disdain for Uationai Hockey League president Clarence Campbell paralleled larger social realities and revealed the social signi ticance of professional ice hockey in Quebec .As hockrv developed into an 'institutionalized' popular. cultural pursuit within French Canada. it provided a stage upon which social tensions could be svmbolically played out.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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