Retail - entertainment destinations: the case study of Newport on the Levee, Newport Ky /

by Trichopoulos, Ioannis.

Abstract (Summary)
Retail entertainment destinations are a new form of regional attraction that has proliferated the last two decades. They emerge when trends in real estate development, retailing, entertainment, and efforts for the revitalization of cities converge. They involve many players with different interests; developers, the entertainment industry, local governments and like always, consumers. These developments have added a new level of value to the economic offerings; the experience, the ambience of a place that developers and retailers have constantly been trying to capture. They provide what was missing from a typical American city; the sense of neighborhood with pedestrian-friendly features and a vibrant urban environment that combines different kinds of activities. The case study of Newport on the Levee explores all the aspects of retail entertainment developments and analyzes how it addresses the issues they involve. It describes and evaluates this project in terms of a business venture and partnership, of physical planning and urban design, as a catalyst for community development and impact, and as an engine for prospects on future development. As a case study it shows how this project fits in the larger context of urban revitalization in U.S. and how it addresses the problems and issues of cities. It comprises a model of urban redevelopment and retail entertainment development that can contribute to the planning profession and future development. i
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

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