Resting metabolic rate in women with early stage breast cancer

by Brazel, Sandra Lynn

Abstract (Summary)
Women with breast cancer (BC) typically gain 2-6 kg of body weight following diagnosis. The reason for this is unclear. The objective of this study was to determine whether women with early-stage BC (EBC) experienced reduced resting metabolic rates (RMR). Cornparisons were made to healthy women and women recovering from BC. No differences in measures of RMR relative to fat free rnass (FFM) ((27+1 kcalkgld); using bioelectrical irnpedance) were observed among the groups. Reassessment of RMR in EBC women 6 months afler participating in a weight management program showed no RMR change. However, known predictors of RMR strongly correlated with RMRs of the Control group but not with those of EBC and the group recovering from breast cancer (WC). This may suggest that unaccounted factors influenced RMR in BC. Moreover, despite reductions in dietary intake and maintenance of walking programs, EBC subjects only remained weight stable at 6 months.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1997

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