Resource allocation schemes for high speed wireless access networks

by Vannithamby, Rathneswaran

Abstract (Summary)
The focus of this thesis is to efficiently allocate the radio resources in novel ways to achieve performance benefits in CDMA systems through proper channel access control techniques. The capacity of the integrated services with different data rates and quality of service re- quirements is analyzed. It is first shown that the system performance deteriorates when voice and high data rate services are integrated. To improve the system performance. a channel access control technique for deiay insensitive high data rate traffic is proposed. Resoiirce allocation and schediiling sciiemes arc! proposed and stiidietl for a systeni with only high data rate Internet users. The scheduling schemes exploit the packet mode trarisniission to achieve better performance in the time-slotted systems where rates are aliocated according to the channel conditions. These schernes are compared in terms of throughput and delay. and also fairness in the allocated data rates. It is shown that the overall system performance is severely afTected by the adverse channel conditions seen by a few users. To improve the system performance. a technique is proposed that identifies and delays the transmission for stich users until the conditions improve. A tirne muse duster size of three ceb is considered tu mininrize the interference. Whcn the cluster size is Iarger than one cell, the transmission From neighboring base stations niust be coordinated. To efficientIy reuse the t ime, aigorithms are developed for best-effort and real-t ime services. A dynamic time share allocation algorithm is proposed and studied that can uniquely coordinate the transmission time for high data rate Internet users in time reuse clusters larger than one ceI1. A time slot assignment scheme is &O proposed and studied for real-tirne high data rate services. It efficiently packs and dynamicdy ailocates the time slots so that the cal1 blocking probability is lower than various fixed and dynamic schemes in aU trac conditions.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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