Research on Performance of Wastewater Purification Unit and Recycling of Wastewater and sludge Dewatering of In-Site in Feng Shan Wate Treatment Plant

by Chen, Hsin-hung

Abstract (Summary)
During the water treatment process, each processing unit releases the sludge from the sedimentation process, and the wastewater from the rapid sand wash and filtration process, to the wastewater pond followed by the wastewater sedimentation pond. The sediment sludge is allowed to enter the sludge thickening pond while the supernatant is recycled for further treatment. The sludge is released to the sludge pond where it is treated with certain chemicals and squeezed to form the sludge cake. The sludge cake is removed and transported by a legitimate cleaning service company to an authorized location. The present study is focused on the investigation of the feasibility of recycling the wastewater and the dewatering of the sludge from the water treatment plant. The analysis of the samples collected from the wastewater treatment plant showed that the recycled supernatant had a pH of 7.16~8.21, a conductivity of 371.1~769.1 £gmho/cm, a total dissolved solid (TDS) of 193.3~399.9 mg/L, and a turbidity of 0.901~54.3 NTU. The suspended solids (SS) of the recycled supernatant was found to be 0.4~45.6 mg/L, lower than the standard value in the Effluent Standards (50 mg/L). The ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) and the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) of the recycled supernatant were found to be 0.06~1.5 mg/L and 1.533~17.437 mg/L, respectively. The analysis of the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of the wastewater treatment plant showed a concentration of 12.1~128.5 mg/L in the sample of the recycled supernatant. The COD in the Effluent Standards is required to be no more than 100 mg/L. For sludge conditioning and dewatering, a sludge conditioning experiment was conducted in the laboratory to plot the curve of the experimental result. The curve was used for the actual sludge conditioning and dewatering in the Fongshan Water Treatment Plant to verify the feasibility of the application for the actual process in the water treatment plant.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Shui-Jen Chen; Jie-Chung Lou; Chien-Kuei Chang

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:wastewater recycling chemical treatment sludge conditioning experiment thickening pond water dewatering


Date of Publication:07/02/2008

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