Research on Drosophila melanogaster smt3 P Element Disrupted Mutant

by Hu, Chien-Chiang

Abstract (Summary)
Yeast SMT3 (Suppressor of Mif2 temperature sensitive mutant 3) is a Mif-related prortein, and is first found in suppression Mif2 (Mitotic fidelity of chromosome transmission protein 2) mutant. So far, among animals of higher level, we have found the existence of 3 SMT3 isozymes (A,B,C). It¡¦s known that SMT3A is located on chromosome 21. And smt3 sequence of Drosophila is similar to those of yeast or human in a percentage of 55%, 73%, and 52%. We analyze 10 strains of flies with p element inserted into position 27C6-8 on chromosome 21 and found a p element mutant, P997, near the position of smt3 gene. Then we built fly¡¦s smt3 mutation stock by using P element technology, and by using PCR, we can sieve out mutant fly fast and massively. Thus we can observe the expression of smt3 during the development of fly. The P element of stock 11378 is inserted 300bp before smt3 start codon. After stock 11378¡¦s crossing with W1118, we get smt3-null mutation. Then we found that smt3-null mutation is a recessive lethal mutant, fly will die in the forth period of embryo development. At that time, the cell nucleus has divided for about 10 to 13 times, also means 90 to 120 minutes after the embryo is produced. We also found two important characteristics about dead embryo of smt3-null mutation: (1) The DNA in the embryo is scattered and couldn¡¦t be condensed in the nucleus. (2) Huge and abnormally-dispersed vacuoles are observed in the embryo.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Long-Sen Chang; W.C Lee; Hung-Wen Huamg

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:drosophila smt3


Date of Publication:07/06/2001

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