Reliability Study of IC Packages with Hygrothermal Effect

by Chen, Thai-ping

Abstract (Summary)
It is an important issue for manufacturing and operation to formulate reliability about the effects of the moisture absorption and IR reflow parameters on IC packages. Two problems, the warpage of the thin IC package, and characterizing the adhesion features of IC package¡¦s interface, are studied in this dissertation. In a thin IC package, the CTE and CHE mismatch between materials are primarily attributed to the warpage which occurs when the package is being mounted on a PCB. The existence of defects in the corresponding interfaces can gradually degrade the interfacial adhesion when IC package is exposed to the high temperature and humidity. In this dissertation, the stability equations for the warpage in a thin IC package without the solder balls being subjected to hygrothermal loading, by modeling it as an initially perfect/imperfect composite plate, is developed. The analytical closed-form solutions are found and used to compute not only the critical moisture content but also the warpage occurrence before the critical loads are reached. The hygrothermal buckling phenomenon is checked by shadow moiré whole-field maps with different moisture content. The results indirectly indicate that the thin PBGA package has little imperfection. For characterizing the adhesion features of IC package¡¦s interface, the fuzzy controller is used to stabilize multiple performance characteristics, i.e., the moisture weight gain and adhesion strength, for the button shear test specimen. Parameters design, although based on the Taguchi method, can optimize the performance characteristic through the setting of process parameters and can reduce the sensitivity of the system performance to sources of variation. The control rules of the fuzzy controller were formed using the author¡¦s experience and knowledge of IC packaging process. The control parameters to be tuned were the membership functions. Therefore, the controller¡¦s performance depended on the membership functions. The fuzzy controller combined Taguchi parameter design, which makes the control performance insensitive to the operating condition change and noise, was used to determine the membership functions.
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Advisor:Shiau, T. N.; Chien, Chi-Hui; Hsieh, Shou-Shing

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ic packages buckling temperature moisture fuzzy interfacial adhesion multiple performance characteristics index


Date of Publication:05/29/2007

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