Relationships between thermomechanical processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of the beta metastable Ti-LCB alloy

by Lenain, Astrid

Abstract (Summary)
Despite of their costs, titanium alloys are often used for structural applications due to their high performance to density ratio that allows the manufacturers to reach the aimed mechanical properties. Users are more and more inclined to turn towards the ?Ò-metastable alloys since they provide a wider range of processing conditions, very attractive corrosion resistance and higher strength levels in comparison to the ?Ñ?y?Ò alloys. Nevertheless, these alloys present a high sensitivity to the variation in the applied heat- or thermomechanical treatment influencing the final mechanical properties. That is why the understanding of the relationships existing between these heat- or thermomechanical treatments and the corresponding modifications of the microstructures, as well as the influence of several characteristics of the microstructure on the mechanical properties under static and cycling loading conditions is of primary importance. This research allows to characterise and to better understand the precipitation and growth sequences of the ?Ñ phase in the Ti-LCB alloy during classical heat- and thermomechanical treatments in order to be able to predict the microstructure resulting from a defined treatment. Furthermore, to improve the understanding of the relationships existing between the manufacturing process, the corresponding microstructures modifications, and the mechanical properties, tensile tests are performed on the different microstructures and microstructural parameters playing an important role on the static properties are identified. Microstructural features governing the static fracture process in two different microstructures are determined by using a micromechanical model based on a physical understanding of the mechanisms of damage. Finally, the crack initiation and the first stage of crack propagation under high cycle fatigue conditions are investigated at a local scale on two different microstructures.
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School:Université catholique de Louvain

School Location:Belgium

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:titanium alloy fatigue ti lcb laminage béta métastable cold rolling alliage de titane hcf ductile


Date of Publication:12/14/2007

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