Rekombinante Proteine als Impfstoffkandidaten gegen Hantavirusinfektionen

by Ulrich, Rainer

Abstract (Summary)
Human infections with European hantaviruses are associated with the "Haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome" (HFRS), whereas North and South-American hantaviruses cause in human the "Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome". In Central Europe two hantavirus species, Puumala virus (PUUV) and Dobrava virus (DOBV), are pathogenic to human. PUUV infections result in milder clinical courses of HFRS, designated also as "Nephropathia epidemica". For DOBV the sympatric occurrence of two genetic lineages, DOBV-Aa and DOBV-Af, has been detected. These lineages are carried by two different rodent hosts (Apodemus agrarius and A. flavicollis) and might be of different pathogenicity to human. Chimaeric hepatitis B virus core particles and yeast-expressed recombinant PUUV nucleocapsid (N) protein are promising vaccine candidates. They are able to induce a protective immune response in bank voles, the natural host of PUUV. A major protective determinant has been localized between amino acids (aa) 1-45; a second, minor protective determinant is located between aa 75-119. The low protectivity of the 45 amino-terminal aa of the N protein of PUUV (strain Vranica/Hällnäs) can be overcome by the use of a larger, 120 aa-long segment of this N protein. A yeast-expressed PUUV N protein harboring an amino-terminal hexahistidin tag is able to induce a protective immunity in all immunized bank voles when applied with Freund´s complete adjuvant. Using alum, an adjuvant certified for human use, all immunized animals were protected at least partially, 75% even completely, against a subsequent virus challenge. Likely, the protective immunity is mediated not only by cellular but also by humoral immune responses against the N protein.
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School:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Date of Publication:03/25/2003

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