Real-time terrain rendering with large geometric deformations

by Dahlbom, Anders

Abstract (Summary)
Computer gamers demand more realistic effects for each release of a new game. This final year project is concerned with deforming the geometry in a terrain rendering environment. The intension is to increase the resolution where the original resolution of the terrain is not enough to cater for all the details associated with a deformation, such as an explosion.An algorithm for extending the maximum available resolution was found, the DEXTER algorithm, but calculations have shown that it has a too high memory consumption to be feasible in a game environment. In this project, an algorithm has been implemented, based on the DEXTER algorithm, but with some structural changes. The algorithm which has been implemented increases the resolution, if needed, where a deformation occurs. The increased resolution is described by b-spline surfaces, whereas the original resolution is given by a height map. Further, graphics primitives are only allocated to a high resolution region, when needed by the refinement process.It has been found that by using dynamic blocks of graphics primitives, the amount of RAM consumed can be lowered, without a severe decrease in rendering speed. However, the algorithm implemented has been found to suffer from frame rate drops, if too many high resolution cells need to be attached to the refinement process during a single frame.Is has been concluded that the algorithm, which is the result of this final year project, is not suitable for a game environment, as the memory consumption is still too high. The amount of time spent on refining the terrain can also be considered too much, as no time is left for other aspects of a game environment.The algorithm is however considered a good choice concerning deformations, as the updates needed in association with a deformation, can be kept small and localized, according to the DEXTER structure. Also, the b-spline surfaces offer more freedom over the deformation, compared to using a height map.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:terrain rendering deformable extended resolution


Date of Publication:02/13/2008

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