by Hickey, Colin Daniel

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT HICKEY, COLIN DANIEL. Punished. (Under the direction of Wilton Barnhardt.) The following collection of short stories is connected by one thematic thread; the inevitable and changing effects on interpersonal relationships of living in a violent and unpredictable world. Each of the thirteen stories, while varied in plot, setting, point of view, etc, is its own microcosmic representation of that theme. ?Never That Easy? explores the effects on a family of losing a son to war. ?Chicken Shit? is an illustration of a family divided by the contrast between the oppression of choices already made, and the freedom of personal ambition. ?Commitment? is an investigation into the repercussions of incarceration on a relationship. ?At the End of the Day? examines the potential violence that might befall an already violent couple, so as to illustrate the damage even ?minor? violence between two people can cause. ?Purified? investigates the possible repercussions of a pregnancy on a couple divided by what they want. ?Ingrown Hair? explores the possible influences behind a philanthropic life. ?Courage? reverses traditional biased gender roles in an exploration of what it means to be ?courageous.? Another investigation into and representation of the vicious cycle of violence in which humans often find themselves trapped is ?Stitches and Scars,? and the ends to which some will go to break the cycle. ?The Drifter, the Fence, and the Tattletale,? is a description of one possible outcome of an intercultural affair. ?Speedo,? shows how money can change relationships, both between people and with the self, at times for the worse. ?Slingshot? is a coming of age story, when a boy?s relationship to the world is tested and altered. ?Crime and Time,? as well as ?Resolution,? explore the often enigmatic importance of family, real or improvised, in a person?s life.
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Advisor:Barnhardt, Wilton

School:North Carolina State University

School Location:USA - North Carolina

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:12/09/2005

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