Psychosocial adjustment of primary caregivers of people with epilepsy

by Lee Mo-kit, Mona

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) l he psychosocial ad|UMn*cni of primary caregivers of adults witheptlepsx is a neglected topic, with the rnawrih ot tAut ic% confined lo childhood eptlcpsy ] he porpo'-cof the study is !o cvplorc the facers xssoaatul with thccjualiu oflKcand emotional slatesol local caregivers Si ay-five pnrrmn caregivers ivera administered rating sealo uf mood and eualiiy of IMo and oiher measures ratinst the vjrioir. epileptic and psychosocial variables Twenty two percent of respondent^ wore considered lo have wveie levels of anxiety and 14 % with severe level of depression Contrary to findings of prevtou.% todies. mothers and spouse:, were it found tu have poorer ns\_hoMic;al adjustment than fathers and Mhlinys Nor were ejre.-'.vers ot patients w tlh additional illnesses or learning: di^ahdity more distressed than caregivers of epilepsy-only patients Older parents had less ?,altsfactorv quality i't life and emotional functioning than younger parents lnfreu,iicnt seizure, seizure -?venly and age at onset and concerns about epilepsv were ne^ativelv correlated with C .<-hosoc)a! well bcinc Perceived seizure control perceived high levd ol. practical and emotional support, ami leisure lime were posihveK correlated v.uu emotional well hi ng of the sample Hierarchical multiple regression analysis identified ^ tWICCfTtS about .c:/ure and daily lite that emnbuted to depression .mil auxidr) in 'he i\ircyiver> As opposed to the medical model which advocated to v.i? non-medu;.il problems .:* inevitably tesociuteu1 with lU \?u of the medical condition the pTCMM finding* supported the notion ol the sociological model about the importance oT inclusion ? )iy>icmaiic measures of people's subjective experience ;uhI perception m the sltwh ol Micial and psychological kispcet\ of epilepsy n
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:caregivers psychology epileptics


Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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