Psychosocial adjustment of people with epilepsy

by Lau, Wai-yin

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract of thesis emriled Psychosocial Adjustment of People with Epilepsy submitted ov LAU Wai-yin lor the dcyrev of Master otSocial Science ai the I Iniversiiy of 1 long Kon^ in Vugust2000 l:pileps> in a vhrontc medial condition causing sulferinys to patients Hie present study aimed jt xtudying the psychosocial adjustment of people Willi epilepsy fttid imesiigaline. relationship between wirtahles predicting psychosocial adjustment. Thirty-five males and $5 females aged between IS and 50 with epilepsy were recruited through Ihe Hone Kong I pilcpsy Association I'arttcipaiiis were required to complete a set of questionnaire mehtdine questions askine epidemioiopeal il.r.i pcrcCfUUm of tlieir sei/wc I 'he WaMiinylon 1'sychov.oeiul Seizure Inventory (WI'Sli and (.opine Inventory for (he Siresslul SitMiilioi^ (CISS) were also included. (ienerally participant are having definite adjustineni problems, and ilie> are most disturbed in emotional adjustment and adjustment 10 seizure .i> indicated in the WP&t. and problems related to familj background and medicine and medical management are the least common. Results suggcsis ihai ihe medical laetors. i.e. Sei/ure trcqucrcv. onsv: atfe. and time StflCC diagnosis wvic iuH smnilicant eorrtnbminy lactoix H\ the psychosocial adiustment. where as the self-perceive rtevcruv. copine. si\les (emotion- and avriidiinee-oriented copmei .ire Kf$mlUimi coniributhw laetors. Result.-, suedes! that psychosocial wvll-hcme. Of people with epilepsy can be enhanced with psychotherapy ammm at enhancing sell-esteem and cllcetive eopinu.. .mil correcting distorted believes about epilepsy or themselves for further research about pssihosonjl adiustment in people with epilepsy, scli-pcreeption is a potential important tactoi to he controlled, and Ihe Use of objective measurenient> t$ iccommended
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:epileptics psychology


Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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