Psychology history in Goiás: the understandings, the doings, and the sayings within the education

by Brito Rodrigues, Anderson de

Abstract (Summary)
Inserted in the research line of Teaching Formation andProfessionalization and moved by the necessity of history of psychology systematization in Goiás (a Brazilian state) this work aimed to, from a historiographic perspective, reconstruct the psychological understandings, practices and discourses that contributed to the constitution of scientific psychology in Goiás. For reaching this objective we tried to comprehend the bases of psychology in Brazil during colonial and imperial ages, as well as the developing process of this science inside areas as Medicine and Education. These studies were oriented by a theoretic perspective that apprehends psychologyunder a critical view, adopting as a referential the works developed by MASSIMI and PATTO. This work consisted in a reconstruction of the historiographic production in the field of Brazilian psychology, as well as on the analysis of documental sources from 19th and 20th centuries that favored the apprehension of psychological knowledge and understandings in Goiás. This research evidenced that those understandings that constitute the point of origin of the psychologicalhistoriography within the State were present since the 19th century and considered the psychical aspects from innateness conceptions as well as environmentalist and interactionist ones. It also allowed comprehending that psychology, throughout its constitution in Goiás, has been related to Medicine and Education. This relation was revealedin the production of knowledge associated to the control of individual behaviors through the purification and hygienising of social spaces. However, it was on the educational field that psychology found more space for its enhancement, cooperating mainly to teachers? formation, especially through discussions and propositions of new pedagogical methods within regular schools that contributed a lot for the psychological theories diffusion, chiefly those that characterize the New School. It can be said that sychological knowledge was essential on the diffusion of a new conception of education, child, and society;conceptions that went along with the human being model idealized by Goiás society and culture modernization projects until 1950s decade
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Advisor:Marcos Corrêa da Silva Loureiro

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Psychology History in Goiás and educationrelation


Date of Publication:08/06/2007

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