Proximity Gestation ; On The Perspicacity of Species / Exploration of Existence

by Archer/Macdonald, David

Abstract (Summary)
The similarities between man and other animals even at the molecular level as has been recently proven, is because of the human element and not because of any influence from any other creature. This effect and influence was established through a reoccurring process that I have named “Proximity Gestation.” This process and it’s consistency seem to extend into many areas of existence as I will address throughout this series of works.

It is of a very common belief that creatures have “evolved” in a manner that has rendered what they and we all are now. I do not hold to this in the respect that it is most widely upheld. The gist of Darwin’s- The Origin of Species, is that creatures developed traits for the purpose of survival- and “survival of the fittest.” I do not see this as true in the consistency of the idea of “Proximity Gestation,” as you will soon see. Quite simply in my opinion, it was those creatures and other species which emerged from their initial gestation with a harmonious make up, that survived. Those with a balance of existential elements conducive to the environment. In a metaphor, it is those that “fell” within the boundaries of conducive existence which continued to exist…. The dough inside of the cookie cutter goes on to be the cookie. The “cookie cutter” being the consistency of our environment…even at the metaphysical levels(which I will also address in regard to Proximity Gestation).

I will immediately cite Darwin’s example of the Galapagos Finches. The substance of his opinion was/is that the different traits “developed” in the different versions of the Finch, to serve in the aid of their respective survival in adapting to the given needs of said survival. In examining “Proximity Gestation” diagram 1, you will see the illustration of what I have observed in the consistency of existence, to have actually happened in regard to the existence of several different versions of any given species. Diagram 1 is particularly in regard to the Galapagos Finches. It would come as no surprise to me if it were discovered that there were actually more versions of the Galapagos Finch that didn’t continue. This effect holds true for all other species as well, regardless of how many variations of them that there are including the primate family.

I believe that the efforts in connecting the human with other primates in a linear manner is in fact, incorrect. Again, it is in my belief that the similarities are due to the human influence/substance in “Proximity Gestation” on primates, and in no way are further related. I believe that the “linear” sense is incorrect. Those relics found that suggest a connection are really nothing more than an example of different percentage levels of human to other primate substance within a given proximities spectrum of gestation in formative and susceptible periods, which didn’t continue. Please see “Proximity Gestation” diagrams 2 and 3. The form of creature that we are now, is in my belief very much the way that it was formed, as are the other examples of primates and creatures. Give consideration for a moment, as illustration of my point, that in a thousand years without any reference to Darwin’s work… should a person happen upon the remains of the Galapagos Finches.... It is considerable that it could be construed through the same frame of thought that I am trying to redress, which is our apparent norm, that those different variations of Finches could be seen as having been one before the other in some linear sense....especially if it is that each variation of them should die off at different points in time, while the others continued to flourish for some time.

This idea is further supported in the findings of similarities between humans and other creatures as well. It is as such even more so in the animal kingdom and in archeological findings of similarities between long extinct creatures. In our modern day it is becoming quite common to find elements of several different creatures in a single species at the molecular level. With the aid of such technological advance, it is becoming more common to find such consistencies in fossils and remains of creatures long extinct, as well.

In a very common example, it is thought that certain creatures were actually bird like at some point. In this I will again site the effect of Proximity Gestation. In my belief it is simply that those creatures which are now thought to have at one time been “bird like,” only possess(ed) within their physical make up, a certain level percentage of those “bird like” elements among the others that make (made up) their physical/metaphysical existence. This having come to be through that Proximity Gestation effect. The reason for their continuance being that the combination of those elements within their make up, was more conducive to the natural environment.. both physically and metaphysically.

It is very much the truth that the human capacity of cognitive thought is what really separates us from the animal element… but I do contend that such isn’t in a “hard line” manner(please see Percentage Properties Graph 1). Through the developmental effect of Proximity Gestation, it is that in most(if not all) forms of humans there is a certain percentage level of “animal element” within the human make up. Likewise within the animal kingdom it is easy to discern which of those animal elements are most prominent within human make up, through observing the animal kingdom, and finding those with the most advanced forms of capacity in the way of mental advance. Some primates for example show considerable capacity in that manner. Again, in my belief such isn’t due to humans having emerged from that line, but is more due to the effect of Proximity Gestation. In that it is easy to see within the human species as well as the animal species, which were closer in and through that effect initially. There are humans that show a larger percentage of effect from the animal kingdom within our species, and there are animals which show a larger capacity, effected through Proximity Gestation, within animal species. Within the Proximity Gestation diagrams, it would be that those species gestated more to the center of an area, were more “pure” in the form of their initial elements. It is the “fringe” areas of those Proximities in which such exchange and effect most occurred, and still occur.

I should point out that in belief, as can be substantiated through scientific evidence, it isn’t only a “proximity” of man and ape that has effected both variations of both species though it is in my belief that the more human traits in the primate world are due to the human influence. It is that many other areas of Proximity Gestation in the fringed sense have occurred much in the same manner as I have illustrated in “Proximity Gestation diagram 3.” Such is an on going effect and cycle on many levels, as I have observed and will endeavor to illustrate within this body of work.

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