Proteina transportadora de retinol tipo 4 (RBP4) en la obesidad : niveles plasmáticos y expresión en grasa subcutánea

by Ramírez Montesinos, Rafael

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY Title: Type 4 retinol binding protein (RBP4) in obesity. Introduction:RBP4 is an adipocitokine recently described (Janke et col, Diabetes 2006). It has been related to insulinresistance, diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity (Graham et col, NEJM 2006), but the last relationship remains uncertain (Cho et col Diabetes Care, 2006). Metodology:We have determined RBP4, adiponectin, resistin and C reactive protein circulating levels and RNAm expresion in subcutaneus fat tissue, besides different clinical and anthropometric paramethers in 86 subjects with obesity grade between normal weight to morbid obesity. In 10 subjects, we have analized the expresion of these adipocitokines in the different adipose tissue fractions (adipocites and estromovascular fraction). In peripheral blood of 4 subjets we have differenciated monocytes to macrophagues, studying the effect of different proinflamatoy stimulus over RBP4 and adiponectin expression.Results and conclusions:We have related RBP4 with lipid profiles (correlation r 0´34 and p 0´01 with total cholesterol),but not with obesity or insulinresistance (r -0´26 p 0´81 and r 0´06 p 0´68 with BMI and HOMA index respectively). We have correlated its circulating levels with creatinine normal levels (r 0´27 p 0´04). We have associated adiponectin and RBP4 RNAm expresion in adipose tissue independently of age and obesity (r2 0´46 p 0´00). In both cases the expresion happened preferently in madure adipocites. We have determined RBP4 expresion in peripheral blood monocites differenciated to macrophagues, and we evaluated the negative influence of proinflamatory stimulus (TNF? and LPS) over this expresion.
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Advisor:Richart Jurado, Cristobal

School:Universitat Rovira i Virgili

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:departament de medicina i cirurgia


Date of Publication:12/18/2008

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