Propuesta de aplicación de modelo de investigación de Argyris en la formación del rol de investigador en los docentes.

by Rincón de Villalobos, Belkys

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT One of the problems that is of concern to the Venezuelan universities is the formation of critical and reflexive educators, who are capable of assuming the role of researches with solid criteria and consequently, educational research. From the time of their initial formation they show fear when facing research, even when it is in their fields of specialization and is a requisite for a degree. This fear is so great that the problem of the thesis or the thesis as a problem, as well as the ABAT (anything but a thesis) syndrome, is spoken of. This is seen both in students with low performance and in those with high performance and n ot only in undergraduate school, but also in graduate school and in the field of work. This problem is related to their initial formation; they find themselves obligated to put into practice a series of theoretical assumptions about the reality to be researched, not always undertaken and much less comprehended. The root of this problem is the obvious difficulty of action and expression, or communication and language elaboration. These tools are capable of offering an analysis reality based on a one must be independent in order to make decisions, solve problems, be open to change and break with the culture of silence and advance toward a culture of critical and research academic excellence that respects diversity of criteria and modifies traditional patterns that do not allow the educational organization to learn and hence, the obtaining of the quality of teaching that is required in the 21st century. Therefore, the study was carried out for the purpose of analyzing Action Research as a valid strategy for reinforcing the program for the formation of the role of the research among the professors of the Scholl of Education of the College of Humanities and Education of the Universidad de los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela. To this end, the following Objectives were established: a critical would be useful for such a purpose and a description of the essential elements of Educational Policy related to the role of the educator so as to differentiate the theoretical elements that constitute the role of the educator and the research in order to associate the curricular theoretical elements related to the formation of the role of researcher. Then, the Action theory expounded by Chris Argyris in his Use Theory, with the addition of the Communicational Method of Satir, Bandler and Frinder and an observation model based on Habermas, was analyzed as a valid Action Investigation approach to detect, in the light of the conclusions reached, the critical problems of the Use Theory among the educators in the Practice Community in carrying out the role of researches. With the results obtained from the study, a proposal for a program for the formation of research educators was drawn up, so that it might be studied by the respective authorities as a means for fulfilling such a mission. The research was carried out as a qualitative study based on practice. Likewise, it is hoped that the methodology used will contributed to solving the critical problems presented by the appropriate entities with respect to the search for solutions for reinforcing the programs for the formation of the role of researches among Venezuelan educators, where changes are sought in order not to have to continue resorting to the culture of commonly accepted ideas and paradigms. It is hoped that the results obtained from this research will contribute toward studying the extent of its applicability to other institutions, to teachers of teachers, to undergraduate students and to the permanent formation to which every educator should accede if he or she is interested in the improvement and the quality of education. Key words: Action Research. Practice Community. Use Theory
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Advisor:Ferreres Pavia, Vicenc Sebastià

School:Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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Date of Publication:06/20/2003

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