Proposta de um programa de monitoramento voluntário de dados climáticos na Bacia do Ribeirão Fruteira, Laurentino-SC

by de Souza, Arildo João

Abstract (Summary)
The great difficulty in the environmental management of micro basins is in getting systematic basis with large sampling that allows to know these ecosystems. However, the attainment of these basis is a process that, generally, cost effort andresources, what many times make them impracticable. It is this dissertation objective to implement a program of monitory of the weather carried through for volunteers of the community of the District Fruteira, Laurentino/SC, being aimed at to develop greater interaction between the agriculturists, as well as following the community in the application of environmental monitory project that recurs to the weather questions in the micro basin of the Fruteira brook that has scientific validity; to understand, by means of the voluntary monitory process, the weather and mesoclimate of this microbasin; to analyze the perception of the inhabitants of that community, in what concerns the environmental aspects. The methodology passed by the following stages: a) the presentation of the proposal to the community; b) selection ofvolunteers; c) training; d) implementation; e) permanent control of the basis. Seven monitors of the local community had been selected and throughout one year they had collected weather basis that consist of the knowledge of the cycle, pluviometric intensity and air temperature. The collected basis had been used to better know the conditions of the weather for a period of one year, the local mesoclimate and to promote the environmental education between the volunteers monitors and the others inhabitants of the micro basin. This work was developed during the weekly visits made to the voluntary families and during the meetings carried through in the community. It was evidenced that the voluntary monitory of the weather, beyond being of low cost, is possible and viable and the collected basis have scientificvalidity. It was evident that the developed work promoted the integration between monitors and community
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Advisor:Marcos Antonio Mattedi; Rosemeri Carvalho Marenzi; Marcus Polette; Rafaela Vieira

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mesoclima weather climate mesoclimate environmental management education


Date of Publication:04/08/2005

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