Proposta de tratamento e disposição adequada de resíduos químicos gerados no Laboratório de Separação e Pré-concentração (LSPc) do IQ-UFU

by Soares, Dayane Fonseca

Abstract (Summary)
In this work it was studied possible solutions for the problems decurrents of theundue evasion of residues in the environment on the Laboratório on Separação and Préconcentração(LSPc) of the Chemistry Institut in the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia.From considerations above, some procedures realized by several Federal Institutsthat helped to minimize suchs disorders, how the implement by program to administrastionin residues ruled in a removal of posture, beyond of to require one continuous reeducationfor part in the professionals in above mentioned laboratorys. In short, therationalizetion of procedures to aim at one under consumption in reagents and consequent,reduction of worns values with the reagents and younger impact environment.With adequates procedures adopted in the LSPc, it was verified the conscience ofthe users at relation on adequates evasion and label from residues generated in thelaboratory in question.It was realized one survey of the inventory of the passive existent in the LSPc.After this survey, it was effectuated the treatment of the residues utilizing technics ofseparation phasis, distillation and filtration, where went possible the recuperation of thesolvents etanol, chloroform and from the 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol (PAN). The solventmethyl-isobutyl-ketone, the tenoyltrifluoroacetone and the 8-hydroxyquinoline not wentrecuperated.The metals lead, iron, copper, zinc and manganese was not determineds. Theconcentration of cadmium (II) determined was of 5,73.10-3, whose value to meetbelow of the value maximum permited (VMP) that to be of 0,01 The total size ofthe etanol and chloroform recovereds was 13,0 L and 3,8 L, respective generate a totaleconomy of the R$ 99,53 for the instituion. For to recover the PAN there was a economy ofthe R$ 52,00, seen that the recovered mass of this composed was of the 1,840 g.
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Advisor:Manuel Gonzalo Hernandez Terrones; Wilson de Figueiredo Jardim; Efigenia Amorim

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Laboratory residue Solvents recuperation Passive


Date of Publication:10/05/2006

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