Production of mediators Eosinophils for covered with stellate cells hepatic during experimental schistosomiasis mansoni.

by Almeida Paiva, Lígia de

Abstract (Summary)
The connective hepatic cells are very important cells during the pathogenesis of S. mansoni infection, and from these cells we can highlight the hepatic stellate cells. Hepatic stellate cells derived from shistosome granuloma can be maintained in vitro, and them named GR cells. In normal liver, these cells are located in Disse?s space, in a quiescent state and are the main source of vitamin A in the body. When activated these cells lose the ability to store vitamin A and transform into myofibroblastic cells, contributing to the granulomatous response and the fibrotic reaction during S. mansoni infection. However, there is no data related to the involvement of hepatic stellate cells in eosinophil mobilization during schistosomiasis. To better understand the involvement of GR cells in eosinophil activation, the aim of this work was to identify the production of eosinopoietic mediators, as well as the presence of lipid bodies in GR cells. We demonstrated that GR cells express mRNA for Interleukin-5 (IL-5) and eotaxin, and also to the leukotriene-forming enzymes, 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO), FLAP and LTC4-synthase. However in the supernatant of these cells was detected only the presence of cysteinyl leukotrienes (cysLTs). We also observed that part of 5-LO expressed by GR cells are compartimentalizated in lipid bodies, that are lipid-rich structures constituent of inflammatory cells. In this way, we conclude that GR cells appear to contribute to eosinophilic response observed during schistosomiasis through expression of eosinophilopoietic mediators.
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Advisor:Patricia Torres Bozza; Radovan Borojevic

School:Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz

School Location:Brazil

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Keywords:Eosinophils stellate cells hepatic BIOFISICA MOLECULAR


Date of Publication:07/25/2006

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