Producktutveckling av mekanisk slitter

by Rudby, Peter; Andersson, Erik

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractOur commissioner Metso Paper Karlstad AB is world leaders in manufacturing Tissue machines (thin paper machine). Metso Paper gave us the commission to develop a Mechanical slitter. A mechanical slitter are being placed in the ending part of a tissue machine and its assignment is to spilt paperboard in to several peaces depending on how many that are installed. The reason by splitting the board is make it fit in the after handling (conversion machine).The problem with the Slitter today is that it doesn’t satisfy the security demands concerning the ability to use the area around the slitter when it’s in operation mode. The security distance depends on the blade and the distances that it’s not covered. According to EN 294:1992 the safety distance is 850mm. The assignment is present in a demandspecification:• The Slitter will be constructed considered the security demands to make It possible be around the slitter when its in use.• Construct for simplified maintenance.• Coastefficient the sidemovements• Coastefficient the measurements in sidemovments• Minimize the priceThese demands ended up in following result:"Pictures"The distance between the overlaid papersupport and the linscover has now been reduced; it’s only 19mm and will make it possible to use the area around the slitter. According to EN 294:1992 the safety distance now is 120mm. The ability to steer the linscover render possible by steering the engine linear. On today’s model there is only one fixed cover, and the engine is steered from one fixed point and result in a non linearmotion. Concerning the sidemovment and its measurements we decide to buy it all, because today’s components are manufactured by them selves and are really expensive.Our new construction ended up 15000kr cheaper then today’s siltter and we think it’s a really good result.
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School:Karlstads universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:07/26/2007

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