Producer in the Experience Economy : How to deliver experiences

by Nordell, Nina; Claesson, Mikaela

Abstract (Summary)
Experiences have become a new trend within the world economy today and a new way to add value to companies. A new economy is emerging named the Experience Economy. The customers’ demands of experiences are increasing and companies need to satisfy these demands and adapt them-selves to this emerging economy. The Experience Economy is today the fastest growing industry in Sweden and has grown steadily during the last decade. The Experience Economy is something that needs to be adapted within all industries in the society and is seen as the key factor towards economic success.Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to study how Swedish compa-nies have implemented experiences in the society and give future recommendations for their industries.Frame of reference: In this section theories and definitions regarding the Experience Economy from a producer perspective are presented. The theoretical frame does also contain the evolvement, culture, design and added value of experiences in today’s society.Method: In order to answer the purpose of the thesis a qualitative method has been utilized. The data collection contains of 14 companies within 13 sections of industries providing experiences in the Swedish market.Conclusion: The results presents the spreading of experiences in the Swedish society, the industries that are better suited for the Experience Economy and further more the future aspects of the development of this economy.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:experience economy society value added brand


Date of Publication:06/15/2006

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