Processo de desenvolvimento mesorregional: o caso da mesorregião diferenciada mesomercosul

by Rusch, Fernando

Abstract (Summary)
The elaboration of this work had as motivation to examine a development process denominated Program of Sustainability of Sub-regional Spaces [PROMESO] of the Ministry of the National Integration [MI], the Federal Government, returned the differentiated mesorregions, especially the case of Mesorregions Great Border of Mercosul [MESOMERCOSUL]. The central question of the research was: Does the process of the differentiated mesorregions contribute to thedevelopment of the territory? To answer her, broke of the hypothesis that the development process is multidimensional and multiescalar, that needs the active participation the regional community´s and the valorization of the local characteristics. The central objective of this dissertation consists in the description and analyze of the development process of the differentiated mesorregions, with special attention for the case of MESOMERCOSUL. For theexecution of the research were used bibliographical and documental sources, besides the accomplishment of a field research, starting from the application of the questionnaire and interviews. It is therefore a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data. After the collection of data, these were interpreted and analyzed to the light of discussed concepts in the bibliographical revision. The results of the research demonstrate that the used concepts converge with thedeveloped activities, being constituted in an appropriate proposal to the regional context. In conclusion, it can be affirmed that, the process of the differentiated mesorregions, especially MESOMERCOSUL, in spite of its short implantation period, contributes to the regional development
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Advisor:Ivo Marcos Theis; Luciano Felix Florit; Valmor Schiochet; Dieter Rugard Siedenberg

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:MESOMERCOSUL differentiated mesorregions boards of development regional


Date of Publication:06/09/2008

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