Processo de inclusão de alunos com necessidadeseducacionais especiais: um olhar pragmático

by Rios, Fernanda Cunha

Abstract (Summary)
This study, which focused on the process of inclusion of students with specialeducational needs in the context of regular schools in Uberlândia, MG, aimed atinvestigating how this process is being perceived and handled by teachers who work inboth state and private schools. The main objectives of the research were: 1) to analyzethe politics of naming and predicating adopted by those teachers, in order to refer (anddesignate) to the students (with special educational needs), as well as to the teachers?attitudes and practices during the referred process. Our analysis was developed based onthe theoretical background of Pragmatics and the so called Critical Linguistics. Thehypothesis underlying our study was that the process of inclusion of students withspecial educational needs in the context of regular schools is characterized bycontradictions. In a general sense, results show that when schools (represented here bythe teachers) try to implement the process of inclusion, they, in fact, seek to formhomogeneous classes, and, in an attempt to handle the differences, they end up byadopting stances and attitudes of complacency, almost compassion. As a consequence,schools reinforce the essencialization of what they consider to be ?the norm(al)?, ?thenatural?, thus, excluding, in a veiled form, those who do not fit their parameters. It isour belief, thus, that the process of inclusion of students with special educational needsin the context of regular schools is not yet being accomplished because the way schoolsare dealing with ?the different? result in a veiled form of exclusion.
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:João Bôsco Cabral dos Santos; Maria Viviane do Amaral Veras; Alice Cunha de Freitas

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Performatividade Inclusion/exclusion Performativity Naming/predicating Politics of representation Identity building


Date of Publication:05/26/2008

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