Processes and Characteristic Analysis of GaN MOS Structure

by Kuo, Wen-Chang

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis we reveal that the Ohmic contacts of n-type and p-type GaN are obtained by the method of thermal evaporation. For different types of GaN, different metals are used to evaporate on GaN surface to form Ohmic contact. The measurements of specific contact resistivity were performed by TLM (transmission line model) for different types of GaN. Also, we use a shadow mask to form four Ohmic contacts on four corners of GaN surface , and utilize the four contacts to perform Hall measurement by Van der Pauw method. By the data of Hall measurement, it indicates that the specific contact resistivity of heavily doped samples are smaller than lightly doped samples. The effect of intensity photoluminescence ( PL ) spectrum of different annealing treatment of p-type GaN are also demonstrated in this thesis. And the carrier concentration of p-type GaN will change with different annealing condition. The method of C-V analysis is a powerful technique to determine the parameters of device. In this thesis, we exhibit completed formulation of how to calculate all the parameters of MOS structure, using Ga2O3/p-GaAs MOS structure as calculated sample. The high frequency C-V curve of Ta2O5/n-GaN MOS structure reveals a possibility for fabricating a MOSFET using Ta2O5 as insulated layer and GaN as substrate. In this thesis, we utilize Ta2O5 as insulated material, because Ta2O5 is a material with high dielectric constan.
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Advisor:Li-We Tu; Ting-Chang Chang; IKai Lo; Yan-Ten Lu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:gan mos


Date of Publication:06/20/2000

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