Preliminary engineering geological mapping in a scale of semidetail (1:25.000) of the urban expansion area of the Uberlândia - MG

by de Andrade, Ricardo Fernandes

Abstract (Summary)
This research presents the preliminary Engineering Geological Mapping of an contour areaof the urban portion of the city of Uberlândia ?western of the state of Minas Gerais? in ascale of semi-detail (1:25.000), covering approximated an area of 303 Km². Thedevelopment of this work had as a general objective to provide subsidies to the planning ofthe use and occupation of the urban environment having the characterization anddelimitation of geotechnical unities as a starting point. The development of the mappingfollowed the methodology proposed by the Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos - USP,proposed by Zuquette (1987). As a final result, three cartographic documents wereelaborated: a Document Map, a Declivity Chart and a Map of Unconsolidated Materials.The Map of Unconsolidated Materials was generated by the analysis of the followingattributes related with the unconsolidated covering: type and nature, texture, thickness andanalysis of the results of Standard Penetration Tests for definition of the thickness of thematerials, not only in the regions with higher index of urbanization but also on those withlower one, and field rehearsals and laboratory. They were identified 9 geotechnical unitiesof unconsolidated materials. All the materials of the studied area were characterized ascolapsíveis. The soils of six of these units, they were characterized as lateríticos of thetypes LA and LA' (according to the classification MCT) and, when appraised as for theirmechanical and hydraulic properties after the compacting, they presented high Bearingcapacity, low permeability, low expansibility and low to medium contraction. They are themost indicated for pavement base, sub grade reinforcement, compacted embankment andprimary covering.Key Words: engineering geological mapping, urban planning; unconsolidated materials;environment.
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Advisor:Luiz Nishiyama; Maria Elisa Borges Rezende; Eduardo Goulart Collares; Davi Afredo Maranesi

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Engineering geological mapping Urban planning Unconsolidated materials Environment


Date of Publication:09/29/2005

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