Political opposition to Ludwig the Bavarian in the chronicles of Heinrich von Diessenhoven, Matthias von Neuenberg, and Johann von Viktring

by Limbach, Eric H.

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis: a. Provides a summary of the political conflicts during the reign of Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, 1314-1347. b. Discusses the works of chroniclers Heinrich von Diessenhoven, Matthias von Neuenberg and Johann von Viktring, all of whom were writing during the reign of Ludwig. c. Introduces the concepts of rex/regnum and imperator/imperium as they would have been understood during the early 14th century. d. Analyzes the aforementioned chronicles in order to understand how these concepts were used to display political opposition to Ludwig’s reign. e. Finds a wide variance in the levels of opposition to Ludwig in the chronicles, conditioned by outside events, including religious influence and political necessity.
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School:Ohio University

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:holy roman empire ludwig iv emperor medieval germany heinrich von dissenhoven matthias neuenberg johann viktring


Date of Publication:01/01/2004

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