Political Science : the red scare as the hidden variable in the Bohmian interpretation of quantum theory / 1999.

by Mullet, Shawn.

Abstract (Summary)
Author argues for additional historical contingencies, beyond simple chronology, to explain the precedence of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory over Bohm's hidden variables interpretation. Bohm's political affiliation with the Communist party in 1942-1943, the Red Scare, and appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee were important considerations. Paper focuses in first section on Bohm's career through his time at Princeton University, then his relocation to Brazil, where he proposed his hidden variables interpretation in 1952. This isolation from the scientific community also affected the reception of his ideas, and the second section addresses questions about the philosophy of science.
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School:The University of Texas at Austin

School Location:USA - Texas

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:bohm david princeton university united states congress house committee on un american activities cold war communism and intellectuals philosophy science quantum theory


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