Photon induced fluorescence studies of molecules using synchrotron radiation

by Álvarez Ruiz, Jesús

Abstract (Summary)
This Licentiate thesis presents research accomplished at theSection of Atomic and Molecular Physics at the Royal Instituteof Technology in Stockholm using photon induced fluorescencespectroscopy (PIFS) during the last two years.The main results presented are summarized:- Neutral photodissociation in CO was observed aftersynchrotron photon excitation in the range 19-26 eV bycollecting dispersed fluorescence from excited neutral C atoms.Follow-up ab initio calculations point out CO Rydberg seriesconverging to the CO+ C and D states as precursors.- The branching ratio between N2 + (B-X)(v?=1,v??=2) and (v?=0,v??=1)transitions in the 20-46 eV energy range reveals strongnon-Franck-Condon effects. Ab initio calculations indicate thatthe autoionization of certain superexcited states areresponsible for some of the structures present in the branchingratio curve, confirming the important role of non-Rydbergdoubly excited resonant states (NRDERS) in de-excitationprocesses above the ionization potential.- Photon induced neutral dissociation processes in NO arereported. Neither Rydberg series nor other molecular states inNO known so far can account for the collected data. From abinitio calculations more information regarding the NO precursorstates and the mechanism behind the observed neutraldissociation were obtained.- The details of a new experimental set-up for gas phasefluorescence measurements using synchrotron radiation aredescribed. It is able to perform simultaneous measurements ofdispersed and total fluorescence in the visible range. Thefirst results obtained with this set-up are presented,concerning fluorescence after excitation of the N2 molecules inthe N 1s edge.These four studies conform the set of papers enclosed in theLicentiate thesis.Finally a pre-study to further apply PIFS to speciespreviously excited by microwave discharge is included as futureplans.
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School:Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Fluorescence; synchrotron radiation; superexcited states; UV.


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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