Photocurrent and Electroabsorption Spectroscopy for Semiconductor Quantum Well Structures

by Fan, Hsiang-Pin

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis, we have setup the measurement systems for photocurrent and electro-absorption (Da) spectroscopy, and have investigated the optical characteristics of semiconductor quantum well structures in the long wavelength regime. The measured samples are of three epi-structures including a p-i-n laser structure of the symmetric multiple quantum wells (SMQWs), a p-i-n laser structure of the asymmetric multiple quantum wells (AMQWs), and n-i-n BRAQWETS structures. The samples are fabricated in mesa type photodiode structures for the measurements. From the Da spectrum of the n-i-n BRAQWETS structures, we observe a blue shift ~ 10nm of Da peak caused by band filling effect at +5V bias. Besides, a red shift ~ 2nm has been obtained at ¡V5V bias caused by the quantum-confined Stark effect. The photocurrent spectrum of the SMQWs shows an e1-hh1 absorption peak at hn=0.813eV (l=1.525mm) which matches the photoluminesce spectrum. The e1-hh1 transition has a red-shift ~ 38nm at ¡V5V bias for the SMQWs. For the AMQWs consisting of 5, 10, 15nm wells, we observe the e1-hh1 absorption peaks at 0.758eV (l=1.64mm), 0.772eV (l=1.6mm) and 0.797eV (l=1.55mm), respectively. As the AMQWs biased at ¡V5V, a red-shift ~ 25nm is obtained for the e1-hh1 transition corresponding to the 15nm-wide wells.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:T. Y. Chang; W. H. Cheng; L. H. Peng; T. S. Lay

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:electro absorption photocurrent band filling effect


Date of Publication:07/10/2001

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