by da Silva, Rodrigo Moreira

Abstract (Summary)
Let the reading of this text make you ?stop?, to think and feel what we think and do. This work is full of life and realism, and is rooted on a deep humanitarian feeling. The style I adopttells, with a certain poetical feel, my trajectory to self-discovery as a subject, as a being-foritself. At times, my experiences denote disappointment and bitterness before challenges faced; before contradictions and even disenchantment and helplessness. The text lets out thepermanent struggle between living outside the instituted, not being corrupted by the norm, and, at the same time, the implacable social-cultural condition of the being in its for-itself. I was allowed to perceive myself in my wholeness. Intense. Truthful. A profound lover of life. Vigorous and determined, though in a microscopic reading we might sense the softness of the spirit open to cosmic consecration, to the harmony of the ineffable, to the search for everlasting peace and love, as can be noted in the complicity between the butterfly and the flower. This inner rapture before the facticity of reality, the surprises, likes and dislikes, appears, before anything else, to strengthen the spirit for the journey towards what I call the?crazy discovery?. I take to the language my own experience, always excitedly, with the courage to let me be influenced by other people?s experiences and conceptualizations. Theworld of research that surrounds me is the world of possibility, as I recognize the importance of perceiving the knowing process, of intervening in the world. I share a text on my own life?s trajectory, extracting from it the research theme and central categories of analysis of my research?s findings. Therefore, I promptly present myself. I recall the reasons that have brought me to the Master?s program and make explicit the pain of loss as the great moment for generating breakthroughs, encounters with myself. Reasons which I connect to the great tasks of Environmental Education, summed up by awareness building. History is a humanendeavor, a permanent challenge. We cannot be contented with the trivialized understanding of participation, in the act of saying the word, the Occidentalized referentials. I would say that the philosophy I follow is not a fatalistic one, nor the one that overestimates the will of the historical subject ? individual or collective ? or that dismisses the role of feelings, the value of Human Values. I believe in all science derived from an immanent, pure, unharmed wholeness, that is, with the help of intuition. Intuition in fact, that indescribable quality of the human ability to perceive the phenomenon in its unique belonging to an immanent wholeness hasbeen and is the Avatar of our human condition before the search for wisdom, science, knowledges, comprehension, proposals for new horizons, new worlds, new and ineditedrealities.
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Advisor:Gomercindo Ghiggi; Cleuza Maria Sobral Dias; Humberto Calloni; Victor Hugo Guimarães Rodrigues

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Environmental education values humans no government organization artesian fishery solidary economy emancipation


Date of Publication:10/13/2005

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