Performance, morphometric data and characteristics sleeve of sheep of race and santa inês brazilian somalis

by Pinto Costa, Tatiana Gouveia

Abstract (Summary)
The objective present work was to evaluate the weight earnings, the morfometric and the characteristics of carcass of two genotype of lambs fedlot hair, Santa Ines and Somalis. Two experiments were accomplished: I - for weight earnings and morfometric of males and females, in confinement, and II - for evaluation of the characteristics of carcass of the males. In the experiment I, 10 males and 10 females of the race Santa Ines, and 10 males and 06 females of the race Somalis, were used, in a completely randomized design, in factorial outline 2x2 (two races and two sexes), which totaled four treatments. The adopted alimentary handling was the supply of pricked grass-elephant and concentrated (400g/head/day), distributed in the morning and in the afternoon. The experimental period had duration of 60 days, where every fifteen days the animals were heavy and accomplished the following weight measures: withers height (HW), crop height (CH),thorax height (TH), length of the body (LB), thoracic perimeter (TP), width of the thorax(WT), width of the croup (WC), croup length (CL), ileum width (IW) and width isqueum (IW). In the experiment II, a completely randomized design, where nine males Santa Inesand six Somalis were abated when they reached an average of 28 kg of alive weight. The appraised characteristics were, the alive discount weight (DW), hot carcass weigh(HCW), cold carcass weigh (CCW), hot carcass revenues (HCR) and cold (CCR), cooling loss (CL), internal length of the carcass (CLI) and the index of compactness of thecarcass (ICC). In the cold carcass they were appraised the revenue of the following commercial cuts: neck, palette, whole loin, leg, chest, rack, rib and flank. There wassignificant difference (Plt;0.05) among the races and enter the sexes so much for the corporal weight as for most of the accomplished measures, of the 150 to the 210 days ofage, and the race Santa Ines was superior the race Somalis, and the superior males the females. Among the carcass characteristics, the race Somalis presented smaller averages for PR and ML (Plt;0.05) than Santa Ines. There were not significant differences for the other carcass characteristics, as well as for the revenues of the cuts, among the appraised races. Santa Ines presented larger weights, weight measures, internal length of the carcass and it breaks for cooling than Somalis. With relationship to the revenue of the commercial cuts accomplished in the carcass the races sheeps Santa Ines and Somalis they were similar to each other
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Advisor:Sônia Maria Pinheiro de Oliveira; Davide Rondina; Arturo Bernardo Selaive Villarroel; Elzania Sales Pereira

School:Universidade Federal do Ceará

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Weight, morphological characteristics, carcass.


Date of Publication:08/20/2007

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