Performance analysis of ATM in wireless environments

by Wang, Yi

Abstract (Summary)
ATM networks usually run in environments with very little erron, such as optical fibers. The popularity of ATM has started to extend to harsh error environments, for example, the wireless environments. To be able to achieve reliable data transfer in ATM networks in hash error environments, new protocol design is needed. In addition to the physical channel errors, ce11 loss due to ATM congestion is another factor that affects the performance of the ATM network. Research in the past several years was focused on combathg the physical chamel errors only. However, little work has ken done to address the problern of the ceIl loss due to ATM congestion. In this thesis work. two enor control architecturesare proposed to address both the physical chamel errors and the ce11 loss due to ATM congestion. A computer simulation mode1 is implemented. The simulation results based on a cellular channel and a satellite channel are collected and analyzed.
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Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/1998

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