Performance of adaptive admission/congestion control policies on a hybrid MC-CDMA/TDMA integrated multimedia networks

by Baroudi, Uthman A.

Abstract (Summary)
Performance of Adaptive Admission/Congesrion Control Policies on a Hybrid & IC-CD > f-A/TD htegrated Multimedia xenvorkç Uthman A. Baroudi, Ph.D. Concordia Cniversity: 2000 Future 3G CDMX networks are expected to have the ability co accommodate wriety of users, each with its own transmission characteristics and quality of ser- vice (QoS) requirements to be maintained. Compatible multi-access system should provide the means to control (Le. admission/congestion) the flow of traffic and ar. the same time main-i;ainthe QoS requirements The essence of this work is to introduce an interac~ion between the physicaI layer and higher network layers, thus enabling more practical utilization of multi-user detecrion and suppor~ing services with different QoS parameeers. The rraffic sources are classified accordhg to their activities and QoS of parameters into tmo categories, namely stream and interactive traffic. As congestion aises, the interactive craffic users are granted higher priority than the stream traffic users. In this work: a new hybrid 'ilulticode (MC)-CDMA/TDMA medium access control technique utilizing multi-user detection accompanied with a traffic flow control scheme is proposed and analyzed. Secondly, the End-to-lkd performance criteria of the proposed MAC such as packet delay, channel utilization, etc. are investigated under new Window Measuremenc- Based admission/congestion control policy where the status of the buffer at the base station is estimated taking into consideration the physical limitations of the base station (Le. the number of transmission and reception modems), cal1 and burst level ixa.£Eic, channel impairment, etc. Thirdly, the hybrid analysis/simulation routine is repeated to investigate and wri-i the performance of the above proposed LIAC dong with several versions of congesr;ion policies. The whole ?stem is studied under wïde range of r;r&c load, and diEerenrr sysrern paramecers. The results show char; the QoS requirements have been effectively main~ained and rhe proposed syszern is amenable to practical irnplernencàcion.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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